Bicaz Gorge – the road carved in the mountain

Bicaz River sharing the gorge with the road 12C

The Bicaz Gorge is the most spectacular gorge in Romania with its 8 km of ravines and vertical walls carved by the power of nature. The road and River Bicaz try to fit the narrow canyon.

Connection between Transylvania and Moldova

The 12C road accommodated in the canyon of Bicaz is connecting historical provinces of Transylvania and Moldova and is part of the “Cheile Bicazului-Hasmas National Park”. It has a historical meaning and also a breath-taking view.

Situated at 1256 m it is a very popular destination, being both practical to cross from one region to another and also magnificent as it offers amazing views of the power of nature.

Visit Bicaz Gorges

From Gheorgheni you start your ascent to the scenic Bucin pass – the crossing of Hasmas Mountain.

After some time you will reach the Red Lake (Lacul Rosu), full of mystery and drama with all the petrified tree trunks raising from the water. As soon as you exit the village you start your initiation in this sharp and steep gorge.

Spectacular view with sheer cliffs rising literally from the edges of the road, sometimes even above the road making the drivers and pedestrian to make a concession and avoid the contact with the rock.

This scenic drive will take you to a road that in flanked by 300m-high limestone rocks and you have to stop because driving it’s just not enough. You have to stop to convince yourself this is all real. If you come here in summer, the cool air will make you want to stay even more.

After you pass Bicaz Gorge and you are in Neamt County and you can visit the amazing Lake Bicaz. This is an artificial dam guarded by the hills that offers amazing sunsets.

Bicaz Gorge itinerary

We visited the Gorges so many times, but the first time I remember we crossed the gorges with the car and I couldn’t believe my eyes the beauty I just saw, so we paused our Toura itinerary and we went back to take it all in again. I simply could not grasp all the beauty, I needed more time between the rocky edges to convince myself it is real. You can see our Bicaz Gorge on our Toura itinerary along with other great places in the area: Red Lake, Bicaz Lake, Borsec City and Mohos Peat Bog.